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2/14/05 07:12 am - faery!

I got my exciting candy package! I love it all! It's like beautiful art AND delicious food all in one!!

2/8/05 06:47 am - faery!

I got the package! Thank you! Everything is wonderful. I have the picture of the dudes in the 1970s underwear up next to my desk for inspiration!! ♥

2/1/05 11:20 am - the faery game

FOR MY FAERY: Likes and dislikes.

I really enjoy chocolate. Basically any variety of chocolate is OK unless it has a big wad of coconut in it.
I like interesting snack foods. Remember that I live in rural Georgia and do not have access to cool-kid "healthy snacks" like all you metropolis Trader Joe types, so I am easy to please in that area.
I like coffee but I am not a snob about it at all. I actually totally enjoy Folgers coffee.
I like good pot but if you mail it to me be sure to put SOMEBODY ELSE'S NAME ON THE SHIPPING LABEL man. I don't want to go to jail so young and beautiful, God knows what might happen to me in there.
I like patchouli, nag champa, all those dark, dusky, musty, musky, skulky hippie scents.
I like art. I like crafts. I don't like to MAKE arts & crafts (well, occasionally I like to draw), but if YOU make art or crafts, I bet I would like it.
I like TV.
I like kitschy stuff.
I like stuff for my lips. Lip gloss, lip stain, glitter berry lip glaze, extra exfoliating herbal hydrating lip action, whatever. I am a sucker for all lip products.
I like nice pens.
I like nice funky smelling shower gels and lotions. I do not really take baths that often so I don't use bath stuffs.
I like reading.

It's not that I dislike them, but I have like 10,000 journals - everyone buys me journals for a gift, everyone! - so I do not need any of that kind of thing.
I do not knit. Again, I don't DISLIKE knitting, I just don't do it.
I do not like coconut (except in the batter for fried shrimp as an appetizer, dipped in orange marmalade horseradish sauce) and I do not like capers.
I do not wear necklaces.

Any questions, ask them!

5/20/03 03:45 pm - i've got a rumbly in my tumbly

Several things have got me thinking about food today.

1. The pregnant dream reminded me of the huge pleasure I took in eating while pregnant.
2. I am about to start my period and I am all the time ravenous.
3. This new pot we just got gives me the extra bad munchies.

I loved eating while pregnant. It was one of the good things - even after I got so sick and was on bedrest and had a hard time feeling happy some days, food could usually do it, food could please me. I remember being newly pregnant, my eating routine went something like this: When I first woke up, I'd go right to the fridge to make a turkey sandwich. Not good fancy deli turkey, that cheap pressed-meat stuff that costs like 69 cents a packet. That was what the craving wanted. I'd make a sandwich with that and mayonnaise and eat it fast, standing barefoot in the kitchen, still half-asleep. I'd wash it down with a glass of orange juice and I'd try to choke down my prenatal vitamins. Then I'd take a shower, get ready for my day, go back into the kitchen and fix myself a giant bowl of Total cereal (we were getting WIC, so we always had tons of cereal and milk around). I'd cut up a banana in my cereal and take it and a glass of oj and a cup of coffee to the computer desk, and I'd sit and eat and check e-mail and the October mama threads at hipMama and all that. Then I'd leave for school. I'd bring granola bars and bottles of water with me - not quiet, chewy granola bars, those superhard crunchy Nature Valley things, mmm, the peanut butter ones. So I'd sit in class and CHOMP CHOMP on granola bars and SLURP SLURP out of my water bottle. I'd go have lunch with someone usually - tuna sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers, oil, and extra vinegar - so much vinegar that the bread got saturated and pinkish, mmm, at Blimpie, or bean burritos with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and spanish rice at El Sombrero. I'd go back to school, sometimes go swimming after class but before returning home, usually after swimming I'd stop at the snack machines and get peanut butter crackers and a bottle of water or occasionally a Dr. Pepper. I'd come home, read, do homework, hang out with Vince, play video games, maybe have a peanut butter milkshake (hey, I just noticed I said 'peanut butter' three times in this paragraph! I never realized I had such a big pregnancy peanut butter craving before), and then Vince would make dinner and we'd eat. He was just getting good at making manicotti, so we'd have that a lot. Manicotti and garlic bread and a salad with just balsamic vinegar. Or angel hair pasta with a white wine, mushroom, tomato, garlic & butter sauce, and sauteed shrimp and scallops. Or Japanese hibachi-type food, the shrimp with that sweet orangey creamy sauce and fried rice and vegetables. Or hot dogs with jalapeno/avocado relish and spicy mustard. And then we'd watch tv or a movie and have a lot of sex, because I also liked sex a lot while pregnant. Sex and food. Nothing is better!

5/20/03 09:36 am - even yet still more dreaming

last night i dreamed i was pregnant. i wasn't happy glowy pregnant. ugh. i feel sick and irritated now. pregnant dreams are not happy dreams for me. kelly and i were working together at some theme park and we were both pregnant. i was feeling her baby kick. mine wasn't kicking. i remembered that i had accidentally been taking birth control pills the whole time i was pregnant so i was worried about what the effect would be on the baby. also vince was there and when i went back home i noticed he had taken all of my clothes and bela's clothes out of our closets. this made me so upset and i cried and cried and cried. turns out there was some ad in the newspaper that you could bring all your clothes down to this place and they'd spray them with this stuff that detoxified them and got rid of any fleas or bugs or toxicity or bad vibes. i thought, hm. okay. also bela's wiggles t-shirt came in the mail (in real life, i actually did order her a wiggles t shirt). it was blue with puffy sleeves and very girly and cute. and also i was pregnant i was pregnant eww eww eww. i better hurry up and bleed.

in other non dream news: i am working at the pizzeria this morning. i don't know what chipper happy spirit possessed my body last week and made me call tina and tell her i'd like to work this week, but whoever they are, they're out of my body now, and i totally just want to stay in bed and snooze. working, bah. i am the kind of person who, every day before work, thinks about all the reasons they don't want to go, and all the reasons they don't like it. i am not a positive person in the work category. but okay, it'll be fun. i'll get to see tina and amanda, both of whom i love dearly. i'll get to drink some good sweet tea and eat some good free lunch. it probably won't be that busy as it is tuesday and rainy and not a high-volume lunch day. negative things: people are going to be asking about my fucking foot over and over and i don't feel like talking about it and explaining it to everyone. also my foot still gets really swollen if i'm up on it for very long, which will definitely happen if i'm waiting tables. i think i can handle it, though. (for those who are new to my journal - hey y'all! - i broke my foot a couple months ago and had to wear a creepy metal fixator on it for five weeks and have just had it out of my foot for three weeks.)

bullshit! bullshit! bullshit!

3/17/03 11:02 pm

I wish for peace.

2/22/03 12:09 am

Due to all the recent blah blah bullshit yadda yadda, the tracijean experience is now friends-only. So, you know, if you want in, just drop me a line.

2/21/03 02:25 pm

you're the virgin suicides. you're sad but pretty, and very, very dreamy.

take the which prettie movie are you? quiz, a product of the slinkstercool community.

2/18/03 10:17 am - poetry enriches your life

"Angst: A Poem"
By Queen Tracijean

I have to go to work today
I don't wanna go to work today
I have to go to work today
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

It's cold and I don't wanna walk
Pizza slingin' makes me barf
I hate all those motherfuckers
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

It's ten-twenty, I'm gonna be late
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
That'll show them how much I care
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

I ate some chocolate late last night
And now my guts are all fucked up
I'm gonna fart a lot at work!
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

2/13/03 04:39 pm - breakfast

I am going to answer the this or that tuesday questions now, because i always thought it was this or that thursday.

1. Bacon or sausage?
Ooh, this is a hard one. All meat eaters know that bacon and sausage are particularly delicious. Both of them would make me puke with my current gastric state. Hmm. Okay - I'll go with sausage, since I prefer bacon on a BLT. Yeah. Good, spicy sausage.

2. Eggs: scrambled or not?
I prefer them scrambled with cheese. Although there's something to be said for a fried egg sandwich on toast.

3. French toast or regular toast?
Regular toast! I am a huge fan of toast. I don't love french toast too much, nor do I love any of the other breakfast foods you're supposed to eat with syrup.

4. Pancakes or waffles?
If I have to pick one - pecan waffle from the Waffle House.

5. Mufins or bagels?
Bagels. Toasted extra crunchy.

6.Coffee or tea?
Coffee please!

7 Juice: orange or grapefruit?
Orange juice - especially the really pulpy kind. Fresh squeezed is heaven. I don't love grapefruit juice, too sour for my taste.

8. Hot or cold cereal?
I prefer cold cereal. I don't really like oatmeal very much at all. But Bela eats it like five days a week!

9. To put in cereal: bananas or strawberries (or some other fruit)?
My favorite fruit/cereal combinations:
Special K with freshly sliced very ripe middle of the Georgia summer peaches
Honey Bunches of Oats with strawberries

10. Eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant?
I really like the cozy sweet feeling of eating breakfast at a restaurant. But we so rarely do it, since Vince works all night and sleeps all day.
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